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Moving Imaginative Bodies

2021: 500 years of Mexican colonial history. Choreographer Yolanda Morales uses this occasion to give an insight into the process of her new dance piece „HORSES“.


Moving Imaginative Bodies is a series of interactive, open rehearsals that explores the power symbol of the horse. Because: the commanders always came on horseback.

Participants will work with dancers and a singer to explore the relationship between horse memorials, monuments, and animal as well as somatic movements. Yolanda Morales and her team want to put themselves into imaginative bodies and give free rein to the imagination in practical reflective workshops. We would like to explicitly invite beginners and people with hearing impairments. A sign language interpreter will be present. During rehearsals, participants will learn excerpts from „HORSES“ and rethink the power symbolism of the horse in both static and living moving form. The series Moving Imaginative Bodies thus becomes part of the creative process and gives the opportunity to get to know thematic focuses and working methods of the choreographer. 

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