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This is a game!

In a world where violence is systematic and normalized, three women* prepare to survive within a system of resistance and self-defense. Similar to a video game, these women have developed characteristics of fictional characters and movements that obey algorithms of rhytmic repetition and energetic variations.

Inspired by Roberto Bolano's 2666 novel, where the violence against women in public spaces is thematized, and by the aesthetics of video games (Arcade Games: Pac Man and Street Fighter) the piece is a survival game built in 2666 seconds in which the performers develop specific control and reaction skills and increase physical and mental performance, within a system that is difficult to leave. With this work opens the choreographer Yolanda Morales a dystopian space in which she deals with these so-called feminicides. The spatial arrangement is perceived as a video game setting in which the street presents itself as a place of constant danger.

2666 puts a social issue in a fictional format that is not far from the reality that thousands of women face every day and and tries to build a relationship between the Performers and the spectator through the proximity and distribution of space of them. Accompanied by electronic music and a live voice as part of the choreography , it is created a field of tension between defense and empowerment of women* in a system that makes it difficult to quit. And the question arises as to what future women must women prepare for: which skills should their bodies achieve so that they can safely move around in public spaces?

From the choreographic principles of 2666 emerged the project 20 - 21 STREET HAMBURG, a sequence of 21 short dance video clips as research and documentation on the topic of women* in public space: strategies of resistance.

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