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Choreographer Yolanda Morales and her international team imagine a natural scenario at Kampnagel and become masters of ceremonies in it. Last autumn, they visited a northern German moor and are now celebrating their memories of this unique ecosystem, which is in acute danger of disappearing, on the stage. Remembered colours, smells, sounds, image zooms and microforms become "embodiments", physical, fluid testimonies. Through shamanistic-like rituals, electronic sounds, choral voices and songs, the dancers let the audience share in their grief for this dying landscape. At the same time, they conjure up the enduring, composting powers of the moor and, in their dance, remind us of the healing transformation skills of a nature that has not been cultivated, defined and colonized by humans. In her latest work, Hamburg-based Mexican choreographer Yolanda Morales once again examines the indigenous roots of her origins and the echoes that this creates in her northern German homeland. A homeland that is characterized by a Eurocentric view, including of her dance art, in which she, as a choreographer, consistently adopts a decolonizing stance.

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