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The project 20 - 21 Street Hamburg is a sequence of 21 short dance video clips as research and documentation on the topic of women* in public spaces: strategies of resistance.
What is the role of public spaces as places of resistance for women in the time of pandemic/quarantine?
Public space rises as a safe space, while the phrase Stay at home seems to be addressed to a privileged group - or becomes a trap.

Yolanda Morales transforms 20 scores from the choreographic pool of "2666" dance at 20 locations in Hamburg and site-specific them. The 20 locations (squares, bridge, selected streets) are stages as well as source of inspiration, agent and catalyst of this audiovisual dance research. New landscapes and structures are created while video artist Jasmin Fan accompanies the dancer on film. The footage is edited in post-production and arranged into a collection of 20 clips. Musician Carlos Rico composes an individual soundscape for each clip. 


Supported by Hilfsfonds »Kunst kennt keinen Shutdown«

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