Encounter as an artistic practice

How many new people did you meet this year?
How long do you need to meet someone?
When was the last time you saw a dance performance?
Do you want to have a dance for you?

A dance for you is a serial performative project that focuses on the real physical
encounter between two unknown people.The project is dedicated to the dynamics
and possibilities of getting to know each other, newly developed for each venue and
works according to the following principle:

• Me, the choreographer meets a person - the guest, with whom she spends a day
together. The respective guest determines how the daily routine is structured,
suggests joint activities and leads to specific locations of their choice.

• With my camera from time to time our conversations and dynamics will be
recorded. This could be used as a memory saving device as well as material for
our dance.

• The second day we will develop the encounter in a short dance performance
that will be just for the guest. That day only the two of us met and in two hours
we will compose the dance performance that I will give you, it is your decision
if you participate dancing or as a spectator in it or not.

If you need a dance four you just write me: yolandamoraher@gmail.com